About me

I love - in no particular order - travelling, trekking and long-distance walks, empty landscapes, photography, New Zealand, Edinburgh, Sydney, Glendalough, Skye in good weather, Glencoe in any weather, riads, celtic designs, volcanic islands, hammocks, Radio Paradise, dancing, keas, meeting people, jigsaw puzzles, geeky gadgets, Jacques Prevert, freedom, my children's laughter, non-fiction books, snow, pitted cherries, etymology, stormy weather, vector drawing, watching clouds from above, dark red and orange. And some extraordinary people. You know who you are.

Photo Gallery

Some of my photographs can be found in my (still existing) Flickr gallery.

However, I am moving all the old photos (and adding new ones) to my own Piwigo gallery. Although it is (continuously) under construction, there are already plenty of photos for you to enjoy.)

Porto 2016 Porto

Lisbon 2014 Lisbon

Jordan trekking Trekking in Jordan